Unique beach Shoptel long term ownership in Hoi An

Date Submitted: 31/05/2021

Highly appreciated by investors as soon as it appeared, a resort shoptel with long-term ownership in La Queenara Hoi An with the ability to bring "double profits" for both living and doing business is currently a unique product, generating sustainable profits to owners.

Unique utility - impressive scale

Located in the urban planning area of the People's Committee of Quang Nam Province, the complex resort urban area of La Queenara is located on the billion-dollar avenue connecting Da Nang - Hoi An, where many luxury resorts and hotels are located. Highly appreciated by the real estate industry in recent years, the resort urban area of La Queenara has made a strong mark when it achieved the Hattrick award including Complex Project Development, Architecture and Resort Landscape at IPA (International Property Award) – the leading prestigious award in the field of real estate.

Only 200 meters from An Bang Beach, among the top 25 most beautiful beaches in Asia, La Queenara's Beach Shoptels are planned according to heritage area standards, with four or five floors, pioneering to create a dynamic and bustling urban area with an ecosystem of 200 utilities such as World Coffee Factory, Four Seasons Avenue, Hoi An of the 70s and 80s,...

Shoptels in La Queenara are well planned with long-term architectural and landscape values

Designed by leading architects of Baumschlager Eberle Asean Architekten, each Shoptel in La Queenara has a facade of 5-7m wide, the first floor's ceiling of 4.6m high, and the upper floors of 3.8m high in accordance with the "high house and wide door" standard, which can be divided up to a maximum of 15 rooms. This is a construction solution that has been applied in many advanced countries such as Australia, Switzerland, etc., to flexibly meet various types of business services such as hotels, restaurants, spas, art galleries, and craft businesses. technology, fashion, coffee…

The space at La Queenara focuses on factors such as natural light, air quality, sound ... In 100% of houses, you can fully enjoy facilities such as swimming pool and quiet private gardens like a mini resort in the heart of a large resort urban area. In addition, facilities are diverse to serve the needs of health improvement of family members, including meditation garden, yoga area, playing area for children... or high-class golf course and vibrant clubhouse for successful businessmen. All contribute to the formation of a civilized and modern community.

La Queenara has its own beach, marina and golf course

Ownership privileges

Unlike coastal real estate lines with limited ownership of about 50 years, La Queenara's Resort Shoptels provide the privilege of long-term ownership equivalent to long-term residential land. This is considered a sustainable income-generating and heritable asset, which is both a peaceful place to live, invest in business or rent out easily.

“With the desire to bring to the resort real estate market a different, highly profitable project with sustainable and long-term meaning to the community, besides its unique location, the important highlight of La Queenara includes its long-term ownership and legality. This not only demonstrates the investor's vision but also becomes the pride for each owner," said a representative of the project developer - PEAKHOMES Real Estate Development and Investment Joint Stock Company.

Mr. Vu Duc Trung (Hanoi), one of the investors at La Queenara, said: “Compared to other coastal projects, the decisive factor for me is the ownership of the product, because this is not a small asset. In addition to its practical use and profitability in business, I consider this as a heritable asset for future generations. In a land with heritage values like Hoi An, this becomes even more meaningful."

High-class facilities in each Shoptel in La Queenara

According to economic experts, besides ownership privileges, liquidity and sustainable profitability are also strong points for investors to "spend big money." With Shoptels of 7x20m in La Queenara, the profit margin can be up to 10% per year (average VND 100 million/month), providing a lot of development opportunities in a tourist hotspot like Hoi An.

Currently, with the goal of sponsoring individual customers to own the most attractive real estate product in An Bang Beach area, the La Queenara Hoi An project supports customers with loans up to 75%, grace period and interest of 0% for 18 months, payment of only 10% when receiving the house with many attractive discount policies up to 7%, becoming a strong impulse for the Central region real estate in the coming time.




Project developer:

PEAKHOMES Real Estate Investment and Development Joint Stock Company

Hotline: 1900 099 914

Website: www.laqueenara.vn

Product distributor:

Dat Xanh Mien Bac Service and Real Estate Joint Stock Company

Century Real Estate Joint Stock Company (Cen Land)

ERA Vietnam Real Estate Joint Stock Company

Highland Vietnam Real Estate Joint Stock Company

Date Submitted: 31/05/2021

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