Shoptel La Queenara model house in Hoi An officially welcomes customers

Date Submitted: 08/12/2021

Model shoptel La Queenara in Hoi An has been officially introduced recently, attracting a lot of attention from real estate investors. The event marks a new beginning when customers can directly visit and evaluate the actual products at the project.

Shoptel La Queenara is a symbol of modern lifestyle and outstanding profitability, combining shop, hometel and boutique hotel models in one product to give customers a "multi-purpose house - multi-utility experience”.

La Queenara model shoptel officially opened to welcome customers on December 5, 2021

La Queenara has 3 typical shoptel models including areas of 100m2 (5mx20m), 110m2 (5mx22m) with 4 floors, and 140m2 (7mx20m) with 5 floors. 100% of the apartments have flexible structure with 2 facades, the front side is adjacent to bustling boulevards, which is convenient for business; and the back side adjoins the swimming pool and the core of sub-area utility for relaxation.

The ceiling height of the first floor is up to 4.8m, the upper floors are 3.6m and the floor is built following an open design, which can help divide an apartment into 8 to 15 rooms. Also, it is easier to switch the fronts to meet customers' various needs like relaxation as well as business so as to maximize profits and increase the efficiency of cash flow from investment activities.

Many investors have been impressed by the extraordinary style and space at Shoptel La Queenara

At the event, customers can visit two apartment models of 110m2 and 140m2 with different room division options and experience the interior style following the trend of boutique hotel, which is now extremely popular in the world.

Being impressed by the model house, Mr. Trung Hieu (Da Nang City) shared: “It is rare for any commercial product to be so flexible like Shoptel in terms of space and usage plan. I was also surprised, despite the maximum number of rooms, each room has a very airy design, with a private bathroom, fully equipped for guests. I believe this will become a new breakthrough for the resort real estate market in Hoi An in the near future.”.

At the opening event of the Open house model apartment, the representative of the investor said that PEAKHOMES Gallery - a place used to display and introduce the Group's projects will be put into operation at the end of December 2021 to welcome customers. This is also the time when the Ong Dien bridge connecting La Queenara to Hoi An ancient town, National Route 1 and East Truong Son road is completed, expected to be finished in mid-2022, will also contribute to raising the position of real estate in this area.

La Queenara Hoi An urban center, which is a complex resort developed by PEAKHOMES, located in a central position between Da Nang and Hoi An with the area of up to 200 hectares, adjacent to Co Co river and 200m from An Bang beach. The construction density of the whole project is less than 30%, the rate of trees per person is 20 times higher than the national standard.

Actual image of Shoptel model apartment with 110m2 at La Queenara Hoi An project

La Queenara owns an ecosystem of over 200 resort facilities with marina, golf course, private beach and outstanding utilities such as World Café Workshop, central square, Hoi An complex in the 70s- 80, spa and health care, international school, shopping mall, etc... the project is expected to become a must-see destination for anyone when coming to Da Nang and Hoi An.

Furthermore, the resort's landscape is also specially designed to create an upmarket lifestyle in the heart of an ancient Hoi An. Each sub-zone is developed with core utilities: swimming pool, European garden, private garden, BBQ garden, yoga garden, outdoor coffee shop, children's playground, etc... which looks like miniature resorts in the heart of the resort urban center.

Consistent with the sustainable value system and development model, La Queenara excellently scored a "hat-trick" of the International Property Awards 2021 in 3 categories: Complex project development; resort architecture and resort landscape.

Some actual pictures of the shoptel model at La Queenara Hoi An:

The first floor of 110m2 shoptel

The space with boutique hotel-style furniture is close and cozy like a family

Each room at La Queenara shoptel is an impressive combination of colors, lines and architecture

Luxurious and classy space on the first floor of the 140m2 shoptel

Imprints of nature and trees are highlights at the shoptel and the entire La Queenara project

Elevators are conveniently arranged for business

La Queenara shoptel owners always enjoy a high-class resort experience every day

Fully equipped for modern and convenient life

Shoptel La Queenara is built according to an open-building structure so that the area can be changed flexibly for various uses.


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PEAKHOMES Real Estate Investment and Development Joint Stock Company

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Dat Xanh Mien Bac Real Estate and Services Joint Stock Company

Century Real Estate Joint Stock Company (Cen Land)

ERA Vietnam Real Estate Joint Stock Company

Highland Vietnam Real Estate Joint Stock Company

Alliance of DIV Group Joint Stock Company and Hai Phat Real Estate Investment and Business Joint Stock Company

Date Submitted: 08/12/2021

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