“Sales staffs of the 3 regions North Central and South” gather at La Queenara Hoi An project

Date Submitted: 19/04/2021

A strong "breakthrough" of real estate in the Central region

Imprinted as a resort real estate combining residence and entertainment with a utility complex of more than 200 hectares, La Queenara Hoi An attracted the participation of nearly 1000 experienced consultants in the real estate field in a series of Kick-off project events in Hanoi and Da Nang. The spread of important and attractive sales keys made a strong impression to the "sales of 3 regions".

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huyen Thom, Sales Director of Dat Xanh Mien Bac Service and Real Estate Joint Stock Company, commented that the outstanding feature that makes La Queenara project different in the resort real estate product line by its long-term development orientation, make practical contributions to the community as well as a complex of diverse resort facilities serving the diverse needs of residents and tourists. “I believe that in the coming time, the project will bring a positive impact to the coastal real estate market in particular and the central region in general” – Ms. Thom shared.

With the highest spirit and determination, the project investor commits to complete the entire infrastructure, subdivision and internal utilities within 24 months, handover of house and certificate of land use right in 12-18 months, anticipate the strong development of the tourism market in the near future.

As one of the first people to own Shoptel at the project, Mr. Nguyen Duc Thinh (Hanoi) - a long-term investor shared: "I have lived in many countries in North America, Europe, when I returned to Vietnam, I choose products of La Queenara project because of the outstanding advantages such as quality build guaranteed, impressive design and flexible use for business or rental, Especially, the long-term legality of ownership is also a great advantage of the resort real estate line that not every project has".

La Queenara – an attractive investment destination

La Queenara owns a prime location on the "billion-dollar" avenue connecting Da Nang - Hoi An with many luxury hotels and resorts. This is a "golden land" that attracts potentials for tourism, settlement, and relaxation because of its peaceful landscape, ideal space, etc. On the other hand, it is located in the planning of a heritage area, La Queenara meets construction standards with villas, Shoptel, Boutique Hotel from 2-4 floors, creating a synchronous urban appearance.

To optimize the usable area, Shoptel apartments have a maximum open floor plan of 15 rooms/apartment. suitable for a variety of businesses from restaurants, spas, hotels, etc brings the ability to exploit the return on investment value up to 12%/year. The overall structure of the apartments has 2 facades, 100% has a private swimming pool and garden that brings a unique experience to each apartment owner.

In addition, planning according to the chessboard way bring landscape and sustainable urban values become the top choice for many savvy investors. According to many experts, this planning style is applied by many developed countries such as Canada, France, Switzerland etc. convenient transportation, creating a civilized and modern community.

Date Submitted: 19/04/2021

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