PEAKHOMES cooperates with "bank giants" to give thanks to customers

Date Submitted: 20/10/2021

Collaborating with the three "bank giants", namely VietcomBank, VietinBank and VPbank, PEAKHOMES Real Estate Development and Investment Joint Stock Company - the developer of the La Queenara complex urban resort project has introduced the profitable investment activities in the post-Covid-19 period.

Accordingly, all customers who have a deposit or spend account at one of the three banks mentioned above will receive a discount of up to 7% for each apartment, and will have a chance to practice playing golf in urban resort in 1 year and be offered a free of paying operating expenses in 2 years, beginning on October 20. 

PEAKHOMES also cooperates with banks to offer a loan package up to 75% of the contract value from 20-25 years, interest rate of 0% and a grace period of 18 months. In addition, PEAKHOMES commits to buy back the product with 125% of the contract value after 36 months from the date of handover in order to deliver peace of mind for investors in the potential price increase of the project.

The real estate industry is gradually recovering after the pandemic combined with the flexibility of financial policy, helping customers to make decisions related to invest easier. A representative of PEAKHOMES said: “Real estate is still considered a safe and sustainable channel used for attracting cash flow although the pandemic has a serious impact on all economic sectors. We believe that the market has had enough time to prepare for a strong boom, when activities are gradually returning to normal, including tourism."

La Queenara project is expected to become the most attractive destination resort project in the Central region

La Queenara is the first and largest complex urban resort in Central Vietnam, aiming to create a unique destination resort next to Hoi An, which is a heritage city. The urban resort is located on the sea route from Da Nang to Hoi An, which is in a favourable position, with lots of international 5-star resorts. Also, it is 200 meters from An Bang beach - Top 50 most beautiful beaches in the world, and adjacent the poetic Co Co river with the waterway route that will help develop tourism in the future. From here, customers only take 25 minutes to Da Nang international airport, less than 5 minutes to Hoi An ancient town and quickly reach other tourist attractions such as Cham Islands, Bay Mau coconut forest, My Son Sanctuary, etc...

With the area of 200ha, the project is planned into 4 subdivisions including the following products: shoptel, boutique hotel, hometel, duplex villa, single villa and a 5-star resort. Each subdivision is like a miniature resort with a "utility core" located among the blocks that are hidden behind the bustling atmosphere of the boulevards outside, creating a quiet space inside.

La Queenara develops various utilities to fully meet the demands of residents and visitors

A variety of resort facilities provides an upscale experience with an oasis swimming pool, BBQ garden, clubhouse, pool bar, outdoor sports area, entertainment park and coffee shop, children's playground, Yoga garden, European garden & miniatures, etc... Besides, impressive facilities such as large golf course, marina, private beach, spa & health care complex, world cafe workshop, Hoi An complex in the style of 70s - 80s... will become a "magnet" to attract tourists from Hoi An coming to La Queenara.

Landscape architecture and home design are also carefully constructed by La Queenara to provide unique products for customers. 100% shoptel has 2 facades, swimming pool and private garden, with various uses: to stay, open shops, do accommodation business, etc... at the same time. Thanks to its impressive designs, La Queenara has excellently won awards at the prestigious International Property Awards competition for 3 categories: Development of complex projects, resort landscape and resort architecture.

La Queenara with a view and poetic scene of Co Co river

La Queenara is highly appreciated by many investors since it is not completely affected by the tourism and unlike trade and service projects with short-time ownership, customer can have long-term legal ownership that can be inherited by many generations. In addition, the special features of complex urban resort model including flexibility, adaptability, which helps minimize risk, contribute to attracting investors across the country.  

The project has been accepted by the Quang Nam Department of Construction for technical infrastructure and announced to be eligible to sell houses in the future. La Queenara is expected to be the first one to open a new era for the urban resort, the beach resort segment, as well as the real estate market in this area when there is a recovery in tourism after Covid-19.

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Date Submitted: 20/10/2021

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