Owning the most beautiful shoptel in Central Diamond with just 690 million dong

Date Submitted: 26/11/2021

Rated as the leading luxury subdivision in La Queenara complex urban resort, Central Diamond is located in a central position in the project and a classy "utility axis", which is currently attracting real estate investors because of the great privileges in the current period. 

The most expensive subdivision

True to its name, Central Diamond prides itself as a brilliant diamond, inspired by the peaceful Central Park in the heart of lavish and bustling New York.

The subdivision owns a central location at La Queenara project, adjacent to the Central Square and Heritage Avenue axis that is always vibrant. From here, residents can quickly reach the entire system of internal utilities as well as major roads leading to tourist attractions such as: An Bang Beach, Hoi An Ancient Town, Bay Mau Coconut Forest, Cham Island...

WIth the aim to become the most expensive resort and investment destination in the project, Central Diamond develops a system of high-class resort and settlement facilities such as spa and health care complex, coffee shops and other forms of outdoor entertainment like swimming pool and multi-purpose sports area, golf course, etc... to serve all kinds of residents and visitors.

In addition, the Central Diamond subdivision gathers outstanding "utility axis" including LaQueen Complex entertainment complex, high-class restaurants, vibrant clubhouse, unique landscapes, etc... Therefore, it can offer an amazing experience in the luxurious resort in just few minutes walk. Central Diamond is a "tailor-made" product for owners who love a comfortable and modern life but still being close to peaceful nature.

In particular, the Hoi An complex in the style of 70-80s is an impressive utility, providing a cultural experience, a must-have for anyone coming to the Central region. The mossy old roofs or traditional Quang-style dishes are faithfully reproduced, attracting tourists and also serving as an important connecting space for the community living in La Queenara.

Versatile real estate, multi-utility experience

Central Diamond shows the enthusiasm of the developer PEAKHOMES when creating a unique "diamond" in the market.

Having been invested professionally in design, construction to finishing details, Central Diamond brings a resort "worth every centimeter" to customers. The area of shoptel apartments from 100 - 140m2, each has a flexible structure with 2 facades which can be easily adapted to meet a variety of uses such as for living, relaxing, or doing business to maximize profits as well as increase the efficiency of cash flow from investment.

100% of shoptel apartments have swimming pools and gardens, surface ecosystems which look like a miniature version of resorts in the center of a large metropolis, offering an amazing experience. Moreover, trees cover up to 70%  providing much fresh air for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Tran Trong Huy, an investor in Ho Chi Minh City shared about his decision to choose La Queenara shoptel because he realized that the potential in this area is still great, especially when there is a rapid growth in the surrounding infrastructures: “Similar to the Thao Dien area of Ho Chi Minh City, a former swamp area now becomes a center of luxurious real estate projects once the infrastructure is completed. Therefore, I believe that real estate along the Co Co river will continue to grow strongly in the future, especially when projects of beach resorts with long-term ownership are becoming increasingly rare," said Huy.

Currently, La Queenara launches the most beautiful apartment fund in Central Diamond subdivision with an area of 100m2, especially attracting investors because of its high liquidity. Accordingly, customers can own a Shoptel beach resort, which is in the heart of ancient Hoi An, in the long period of time with just 690 million (equivalent to 10% of the product value). 

In addition, La Queenara cooperates with 3 major banks, namely VietcomBank, VietinBank, and VPBank to initiate an attractive support program. Customers receive loans up to 75% from 20 to 25 years, with 0% interest and a grace period of 18 months.

Discounts up to 9% brings great benefits of cash flow from investment in the current period. Moreover, each La Queenara owner will have a chance to practice playing golf at the golf course in the urban resort in 1 year and be offered a free of paying operating expenses in 2 years.

When the Ong Dien bridge connecting the project to Hoi An ancient town is about to be completed, La Queenara deserves to be the most expensive destination in the An Bang beach area because of a unique model and potential benefits, promising to become the most livable land in the Central region.

Project developer:

PEAKHOMES Real Estate Investment and Development Joint Stock Company

Hotline: 1900 099 914

Website: www.laqueenara.vn

Date Submitted: 26/11/2021

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