High status thanks to resort real estate with long-term ownership

Date Submitted: 07/07/2021

The privilege of owning products for long term in projects has a great impact on investors' decisions.

Combining the development potential of resort real estate while providing the advantage of long-term ownership, the An Bang - Hoi An beach resort real estate product line is attracting investors who think "comfort is better than pride."


Instead of gold or stocks, at this time, many investors look to real estate as a safe haven for cash flow, especially coastal resort projects with long-term ownership privileges.

Legality is considered a key to real estate investors because it represents the legitimate rights and interests of land users. Normally, commercial and service land in resort projects has a term of about 50 years, its ability of doing business depends on the tourism market, so there are many potential risks, of which the Covid-19 pandemic is a typical example.

In Vietnam, not many resort projects are developed on land with long-term ownership. It not only provides the value of heritable ownership, but also integrates many diverse features and utilities with the potential of increased value over time and the exploitation of service business. This is considered a "3 in 1" real estate for owners to relax, live in the long term and invest sustainably.

Not trapped in the massive and saturated development like many coastal localities, Quang Nam Province is now considered a new destination with full potential and available values to become a new "resort capital" in the Central region.

It is rare that the same locality has two world cultural heritages: Hoi An ancient town and My Son temple complex together with a series of unique destinations such as the world biosphere reserve of Cu Lao Cham, the pottery village of Thanh Ha, Bay Mau coconut forest… In Hoi An alone, the total number of visitors reached nearly 8 million in 2019, of which international visitors reached over 4.6 million. Beating Da Nang and Nha Trang, Hoi An becomes the place to receive the most international tourists in the country.

With its great potential and advantages, owning real estate with legal value for a long term here is considered a strategic move for many visionary investors. According to the Vietnam Association of Realtors - VARs, the resort real estate market in Hoi An currently only meets a small part of the needs of domestic and international tourists coming to Hoi An and Da Nang. Therefore, by choosing resort real estate at this time, investors not only capture attractive price areas and highly competitive products, but also welcome a new growth period.


After two months of actively researching real estate product lines in Hoi An, Mr. Bui Quoc Huy, an investor in Nghe An, said: “For me, real estate that I choose should be not only an accumulated asset, but also a second house for my family and a “saving” for my children later. Due to the pandemic, I focus more and more on sustainable core values. Coastal projects with full facilities and suitable size for life will be strong points for my wife and I to choose," said Huy.

La Queenara project with comprehensive development orientation and goals.

With full features and suitable product lines and fully meeting his requirements, the complex resort urban area of La Queenara in An Bang Beach area becomes the first choice for this investor. “There are many resort projects, but I see few projects having a coastal product which provides practical use, business exploitation and long-term ownership. In addition, the commitment to buy it back at 125% of its value after three years is also a point that makes me feel secure when deciding to choose," Huy said.

Not only inheriting the growth values and profit potential in the heritage land, La Queenara project is a 25-minute drive from the center of Da Nang City, 5-minute drive to Hoi An ancient town and easily connecting to tourist destinations in the Central region. In particular, with the central position on the billion-dollar coastal road of Lac Long Quan, where many million-dollar resorts and hotels are located, it will demonstrate the vision of owners.

In addition, the project currently has many advantages of transportation infrastructure and construction in the area such as dredging of Co Co River, construction of Ong Dien Bridge and urban development planning in Dien Duong - Dien Ban area, which will provide a unique advantage at La Queenara.

With its large enough scale of over 200ha including products of shoptel, boutique hotel, duplex villa and single villa and a diverse utility ecosystem, La Queenara becomes a pioneer project for a complex resort urban area with multi-function and multi-utility, providing a complete and valuable experience to residents, visitors and investors.

Special attractive policy in July 2021:

  • Commitment to buy back units of 110m2 at 125% of the value afterthree years
  • Loan support up to 75%, interest of 0% for 18 months
  • Discount 4% for customers who choose early payment schedule with their own money
  • Discount 1% for each unit when customers buy from three to four units, discount 2% when customers buy from five units and PAYMENT OF ONLY 10% WHEN RECEIVING THE HOUSE.
  • Discount 1% for customers of Vietcombank, INDOVINA, Vietinbank and VPBank with accounts from VND 500 million
  • Attractive gifts for all customers, including two years of free management, one tael of gold and one golf card for one year.


Project developer:

Peakhomes Real Estate Investment and Development Joint Stock Company

Hotline: 1900 099 914

Website: www.laqueenara.vn

Product distributors:

Dat Xanh Mien Bac Service and Real Estate Joint Stock Company

Century Real Estate Joint Stock Company (Cen Land)

ERA Vietnam Real Estate Joint Stock Company

Highland Vietnam Real Estate Joint Stock Company.

Date Submitted: 07/07/2021

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